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Nusasa Lecithin 1200mg 100's

Nusasa Lecithin 1200mg 100's

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What is Lecithin?
The word "Lecithin” is derived from Greek term "Lekiths” meaning "egg yolk”. This is because Lecithin was first found in the egg-yolk. Each fresh egg-yolk would contain 10% Lecithin.
Lecithin is the important component of the cell membranes. It is said to be a cell bodyguard as it transmission between cells. If human obtains enough Lecithin, he or she would have better immunity, metabolism and life vigor.
Nowadays, Lecithin keeps abreast with protein and vitamins which are categorized as "top 3 nutrient”. Their nutritional values have received a widespread attention with their speculative treatment of many diseases.

Lecithin exists in which part of body organ?
Lecithin present in nearly every cell, simultaneously concentrates in brain and nervous system, blood circulation system, immune system as well as liver, heart, kidney and etc.

Why do we need Lecithin?
Lecithin is water affinity and lipophilic. This kind of biologic emulsifier characteristic can play a role as broom, sweeping away the accumulated fat and cholesterol, which attach to the blood vessel wall. Therefore, it is also called "the blood vessel ashman”.

Why do we need to obtain Lecithin form food or supplement?
Some of the Lecithin is secreted by the liver. Anyway, when we reach 30 years old, we need to obtain Lecithin from food or supplement; otherwise our body may suffer from Lecithin deficiency.

What will happen if we lack of Lecithin?
Liver can synthesize a few of lecithin. However, it spends a lot of Lecithin while storing energy, excreting waste, supplying some enzymes for body use.
If we lack of Lecithin, the alcohol and the high cholesterol will easily cause fatty liver, hepatitis and liver cirrhosis.
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