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Nusasa Cod Liver Oil & Flaxseed 1000mg 100's

Nusasa Cod Liver Oil & Flaxseed 1000mg 100's

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Cod Liver & Flaxseed Oil
Heart attack is the top killer in our country. High cholesterol cause obstruction of blood supply to the heart’s blood vessels, hence result in Angina pectoris (chest pain), myocardial infarction and sudden death of heart attack.
Even though Osteoporosis is not deadly disease, but it will cause severe pain if suffered from it. Women above age fifty is the high risk group of suffers due to their bones are usually lighter and the loss of calcium is quicker after Menopause due to lack of male hormone.
After years of research, NUSASA in vents Cod Liver Oil & Flaxseed Oil which has the effect in both preventing Heart attack and Osteoporosis to meet the need of these two groups of patients.
The main component of Cod Liver is Vitamin A and D, combining with three types of omega fatty acids –Omega-6, Omega-3 and Omega 9 of Flax Seed Oil provide effective functions of anticancer, protecting heart, promoting eyesight, brain cells and immunity.
Vitamin A is important for the body’s immune system which, if lacks of, will cause night blindness and dry eye syndrome. Vitamin D is essential nutrient for human bones, osteochondrosis syndrome will arise when lacks of. Generally, vitamin D is obtained through sunlight by skin synthesis in the human body to meet human needs. However, the synthesis of vitamin D in the skin will gradually diminish with aging. Each NUSASA Cod Liver Oil & Flaxseed Oil Capsule contains 500mg of Vitamin A and D % 500mg Flaxseed Oil, providing sufficient supplementary to maintain healthy bone.
Three types of Omega fatty acids – Omega-6, Omega-3 and Omega-9 are essential nutrient for human, where as Omega-3 and Omega-6 were unable to be produced by human. These fatty acids can promote metabolism, improve immunity, decompose cholesterol, balance blood balance blood pressure and inhibit the growth of tumors and cancer. Thus, it is very beneficial to heart.

Main Function of NUSASA Cod Liver & flaxseed Oil

Anticancer function – Linolelic acid in Flax Seed Oil contains variety o anticancer substances, which included tocopherol, cholesterol and the alcohol – Mr. The alcohol – Mr can control hormones to prevent breast cancer and reproductive system cancer and colorectal cancer. Linolenic acid has prominent result n the prevention of prostate cancer of men.
Moreover, linolenic acid can significantly improve immune system’s immunity of cancer patients to confront the proliferation of cancer cells, thus prolonging the life of patients and greatly increase the chance of rehabilitation.

The prevention of heart attack and stroke – Flax seed oil is natural blood thinning agent, it can prevent the formation of vascular clot and sedimentation and reduce the incidence of heart disease.

Strengthen bone – Bone is mainly composed of calcium and phosphorus. Parathyroid hormone promotes the absorption of calcium, and reduces discharge in kidneys; Vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium in intestine; calcitonin will increase the accumulation of calcium.
Human body should have sufficient calcium, magnesium, Vitamins A and D intake from childhood to reduce the effect of loss of calcium. Cod Liver Oil is well known as the supplement for children healthy bone growth and prevention of Osteoprosis among adults.

Promote brain development and protect eye – Research also finds out that non fatty acid DHA in Cod Liver Oil is important to the growth of human brain and retina. Besides, it can also improve eyesight, reduce eye and brain fatigue syndrome.

Improve immunity and Treatment of Arthritis – Other than calcium compensation, Cod Liver Oil can increase immunoglobulin lgG, IgM in human body, promotes the cleaning ability of respiratory system, preventing colds, bronchitis and emphysema.
Cod Liver Oil can increase the resistance of nasal mucus, decease the occurrence of acute rhinitis and reducing the syndrome, especially helpful for those who have allergic rhinitis. Linolenic acid can improve blood circulation and metabolism, therefore effectively prevent the attack of inflammatory diseases. (Eg, arthritis, skin sores, etc.).

Cod Liver Oil of NUSASA Cod Liver Oil & Flaxseed Oil is the extract of cod fish in Pacific Ocean of temperature between 0?C to 16?C and not polluted, therefore it is safe and the quality is assured.

Flaxseed Oil of NUSASA Cod Liver Oil & Flaxseed Oil uses organically grown flax, with cold pressed and free of solvent extraction method, to ensure freshness and prevent oxidation of the oil. It contain 60% Omega-3, 20% Omega-6 and 20% Omega-9 and 15% lignans, is the top quality flax seed oil.

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