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Total Wheatgrass with Lemon Powder and Honey 300g

Total Wheatgrass with Lemon Powder and Honey 300g

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Wheatgrass ls known as " Wholesome Food” as
well as "The King Of Alkaline Foods".

Wheatgrass contains numerous bio-available essential nutrients,
enzymes, chlorophyll, 17 amino acids, vitamins and
mlnerals needed by the human body. Consumption
of wheatgrass improves blood circulation, helps in
eliminating toxins and accelerates cells activity,
strengthens our immune system and thus improves our

Health benefits
-Cleanses body toxins
-Rebuilds bloodstream
-Regulated acidic constituent in the body
-Helps in anemia treatment
-Strengthens immune system
-Relleves constipation
-Beneficial for gastrointestinal health
-Speed up wound recovery
-Eliminates excess fat
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