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Almond Tea 600g

Almond Tea 600g

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Urban life is full of compact rhythm. In order to release pressure and freshen up, a lot of people catch the craving for tobacco. It causes a rise in lung cancer incident. At present, the first cancer killer for man of at least 35 countries in the world is lung cancer.
Nowadays, earning a healthy lung is the focus of public awareness.
Almonds is the apricot's nucleolus, called the king of the nuts. It is the only alkaline nut which mainly treats for cough and lung, arresting the reserved Qi flow to remove phlegm and relieve asthma.

Lung Diseases Prevention
One of the clinical researches conducted by Finland scientist proved that ?-tocopherol (a core element of vitamin E) had reduced the incidence of lung cancer by 19% to 23%.
The vitamin E resides in almond is 10 times above than other nuts. 50g almonds will provide 100% vitamin E. Therefore, it plays a main role in preventing lung cancer or relevant diseases.

Feature and Constipation Enhancement
Chinese medicine believes that by moistening the lung, our skin will become glossy and bright. As lung and intestine are interrelated, almond always is the suitable herb to reflect these organs relationship. It is because almonds is not merely to relieve cough and asthma, but also works on alleviating constipation.

Bone Strengthen
Our bones continue to grow in density until we are 30 years old. Then, within a couple of years, we begin to lose 1% calcium from the bones every year. Thus, 60 years old namely is equal to loss 30% calcium. The almond surpasses other nuts, this lies in its richest calcium – outdoes 16 times if compared with the milk.

Heart Protection
70% of almond fat is formed by the unsaturated fatty acid. It gives advantageous to increase the high density cholesterol (H D L, or good cholesterol) with to reduce the low density cholesterol (L D L, or bad cholesterol). Therefore, it can intervene in the blood fat function.
Besides that, Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant that can help in the prevention of atherosclerosis to avoid any heart attack.

Natural Mind Almond Tea, well made from superior almond raw material, is an energetic drink of the new era.

•The almond powder is fine grinded by high technology.
•Retaining the unique taste of almonds – mild and delicious.
•Nourishing, beautifying, liberating the lung, improving physique, nutritious and healthy.
•Necessary nutrition supplement for the whole family.

Suitable for:
•Workers, white collar workers and students
•Health-oriented people
•Antenatal, postnatal or rehab nutritional supplement
•Elderly group
•Those allergies to milk powder

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