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Nusasa Energizing Porridge 550g

Nusasa Energizing Porridge 550g

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Natural Organic Energy Food


What’s the Healing Congee?
Congee traditional is known as his-fan or rice water, and it is taken as a breakfast food for the oriental people. It is prepared and cooked with appropriate rate amount of rice, grains, and Chinese herbs, so you can be restored your health by taking this kind of congee under healing effect.
The healing congee combines food and medicine together in traditional palace of China, and the health of the people can be enhanced by eating this kind of food. It is nutritious to regulate tour physical constitution under harmonious extend power.

NUSASA Energizing Porridge™ Prepared by the Principle of Five Tastes and Five Elements.
Nusasa Energizing Porridge ™ is a unique food and has been produced by various healing grains, medicinal herbs, and nutritious elements. The five tastes of the food include grains, beans, vegetable, fruits, and Chinese herbs, and by coordinating the five element of the wood (sour), fire (bitter), earth (sweet), metal (acrid), and water (salt) are interacting harmoniously to get double effect for health-care. Often take it as food for good health, your health can be enhanced resulting in long life.

Original Natural Color And Flavor, With High Nutriments
Nusasa Energizing Porridge™ is to select 45 Herbal Materials and organic foods of grains, beans, flowers, vegetables, and Chinese herbs. By using the simples sterilizing and heating process, the natural elements of the organic foods can be preserved to let you have the original food of natural color and flavor. Under nutrition supplement of the Lecithin, Brewer’s Yeast, Soybean Protein, and ?-carotene, etc. It has complete nutrition of protein, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, and cellulose required for your body to get smooth reaction. It promotes the metabolism and increase the vitality for powerful strength.

Organic Herbal Materials Under Quality Guarantee
Nusasa Energizing Porridge™ adopts 100% natural organic foods that can be provided for the vegetarians.
Never contains the artificial coloring, flavouring, milk, and preservatives.
It is carefully prepared by the professional dietitians to reduce the Puline in the formula or menu.
Original and delicious Nusasa Energizing Porridge™ has no MSG, and adds only low salt and low sodium to keep its natural sweetness of organic foods.

Nusasa Energizing Porridge™ can be prevent disease like cancer, diabetes, arthritis, constipation, wakling, muscle pain, menopause discomfort, undernutrition, osteoporosis, hepatopath, poor energy, dementia senile and maldevelopment. Ideal for people like office workers, students, teachers, patient after recovery and vegetarian.
Ideal for breakfast, supper or as a nutritional supplement. It is produced by pure and natural organic foods, and contains no artificial colorings, flavouring, or preservatives. The quality of this product has been controlled strictly upon leaving the factory. If any defective item founded after purchase, then please return it back the seller or send directly to our company for replacement.

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