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Organic Non-Sugar Black Soybean Pwd 700g

Organic Non-Sugar Black Soybean Pwd 700g

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Organic Sugar-free Black Soybean Powder Organic Black Soybean
Growth process if organic black soybean has not been affected by any contaminations. The process uses selected pure water source and the most natural way of cultivation, allowing plants to growth with natural sweet and mellow taste; therefore organic food products have become the best choice for most people.
Black soybean is a healthy food, doctors of traditional Chinese medicine believe that black food is good for kidney, therefore it may help in diseases that caused by kidney problem such as frequent urination, backache, leukorrhea and abdominal cold. It also promotes blood circulation, removes blood stasis, diuresis, dispels wind, nourishes kidney, and improves eyesight. Modern medical research has proven that, black soybean posses the effects of promoting cholesterol metabolism, reducing blood lipid, as well as prevents atherosclerosis and thrombosis. According to the description of "Compendium of Materia Medica”, black soybean has longevous and rejuvenate effects because it is rich in antioxidant contents such as flavones and anthocyanins, which can delay ageing. The isoflavones content, which helps in menopausal women’s health care, is even higher than soy, it is also rich in vitamin E, which can eliminate free radicals in body, helps to reduce skin wrinkles to achieve beauty. In addition, it is also rich in dietary fiber which can improve intestinal peristalsis and prevents constipation.

Six Major Functions Of Black Soybean In Human Body

*High Protein, Low Calories:
Black soybean contains about 34~40% of crude protein, including essential amino acids which are important to body health andmaintain physiological functions.

*Reduces Blood Lipid, Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases:
There are about 18% fats in black soybean composition, which is mainly unsaturated fatty acid, it may promotes cholesterol metabolism and reduces blood lipid. Preliminary proof of latest research shows that, black soybean reduce the oxidation rate of very-low density lipoprotein, lowers concentration of triglycerides effectively and decreases the risk of cardiovascular.

*Prevents Atherosclerosis:
Black soybean contains high content of vitamin E, anthocyanins, genistein and glutathione. These ingredients have a significant effect in reducing oxidation of fat and very low density lipoprotein in blood, therefore can further protect.

*Prevents Brain Ageing:
Black soybean is rich in trace elements such as molybdenum, selenium, fluorine and saponin, which have effects of anti-cancer and anti-premature. In addition, black soybean contains about 2% of lecithine which can maintain healthy brain and mind as well as delays brain ageing.

*Skincare :
Black soybean is rich in vitamin E and B complex, which is seven times more than meat, is a wonderful food product for beauty and to stay youthful.

*Prevents Constipation :
Black soybean contains about 5% of cellulose and oligosaccharidesuch as stachyose, which promote intestinal peristalsis, reduce flatulence, improve and prevent constipation. It also helps in proliferation of bifidobacteria to improve ecology of intestinal flora, therefore maintains a healthy intestinal environment.

Black Rice
Black rice is commonly known as purple rice and because it is rich in dietary fiber and vitamins, it has long been regarded as health food and therefore the price is twice more expensive than ordinary rice.
Nutritional analysis: rich in minerals such as vitamins, calcium, phosphonium, magnesium as well as natural melanin. It also contains four kinds of essential amino acids, including protein content which is 35% higher than white rice and amino acid which is 25% higher than white rice. It is indeed a rare natural health grain, can be used as "healthy rice” for longevity of the elderly, "confined rice” for postnatal women, "bone-setting rice” for fracture patients and "hematinic rice” for anemia patients.

Malted Milk Powder
Malted milk powder utilizes enzyme to hydrolyze starch partly for easy digestion and absorption. It is a low calories food product which provides 3.5 kcal each gram (carbohydrates usually provide 4 kcal), and usually used as a replacement for lactose to adjust the carbohydrate content of milk and dairy products so it is similar to human milk. It is also an alternative for infants who suffer from diarrhea due to lactose intolerance. It may form a soft and flexible gel, which has characteristics and taste similar to fat, thus it can be fat alternative.

Guar Gum
Guar gum is gelatine of bean endosperm, which may expand to form viscous liquid after water absorption, has an effect of expansion in stomach after eating. Unlike the general fiber in the market, guar gum creates a strong sense of fullness and may form colloid instantly after dissolving in water, and thus produces satiety rapidly after eating. It can effectively reduce the absorption of excessive calories and fat, eliminate hunger as well as improve intestinal peristalsis and achieve the effect of fullness rapidly. These help to control blood sugar content and cholesterol.

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