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Fruit & Cereal Mixture Oat 580g

Fruit & Cereal Mixture Oat 580g

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Fruit Granola Cereal Organic Oat
Organic means that the growth process is not affected by any contamination. Organic process uses selected pure water source and the most natural way of cultivation, allowing plants to grow with natural sweet and mellow taste; therefore organic food products have become the best choice for most people.

1.Lowers Blood Cholesterol:
Soluble fiber and B-glucan can lower serum total cholesterol as well as lower the amount of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and also to increase the excretion of bile acids.

2.Controls Blood Glucose:
Soluble fiber relieves increase of blood glucose level after meal, and therefore it helps to control blood glucose level in diabetes patients.

3.Eliminates Constipation:
Oat contains B-glucan, thus it can improve digestion, promote gastrointestinal movement and therefore improve the situation of constipation.

4.Promotes Wound Healing:
Oats are rich in zinc and can promote wound healing.

5.Prevents Menopausal Disorder:
Rich vitamin E and expand peripheral vascular to improve blood circulation and adjust body conditions, so it can mitigate the symptoms of menopausal disorder.

6.Prevents Osteoporosis:
To prevent osteoporosis, in addition to increase calcium intake, body should not be lack of magnesium too! Oat contains magnesium, so it can prevent osteoporosis indirectly.

Organic Wheatgrass
In traditional chinese medicine, wheatgrass has curative effects of eliminating sultry, curing jaundice and relieving alcoholism. Wheatgrass is rich in chlorophyll, amino acid, dietary fiber and nutrients. The effects of anticancer, protecting liver, lowering blood pressure and enhancing cell viability have also been identified.
Health care effectiveness of wheatgrass:

1.Inhibits growth of malignant tumour and has an anticancer effect.
2.Protects liver and can inhibit fatty liver disease.
3.Prevents diseases caused by lack of dietary fiber such as cancer and gallstones.

Organic Barley Seedling:-
It is rich in chlorophyll, antioxidants and other nutrients. Current medical researches have identified that it has anti-cancer and liver protection effects. Besides, it reduces blood lipid and increases cell viability.

Dried Fruits
Cranberry’s main nutritional compositions include anthocyanin and tanic acid. Anthocyanin may defense against oxidation and enhance immune system, therefore it has an anticancer effect; whereas tanic acid prevent bacteria to be easily attached to urethra and ureter wall and this can effectively prevent the occurrence of urethritis or cystitis. Dietitian Lin Chen Shi of healthy tree healthy living center says that, tanic acid is the main nutrient of cranberry; therefore prevention of urinary system inflammation is the most obvious effect of cranberry.
Raisin has a very high nutritional value and the main composition is glucose: when glucose is absorbed in human body, it will be converted to energy required by body and can restore fatigue effectively. In addition, raisin is also rich in iron and so it can relieve symptoms of anemia.
The difference between raisin and grape is - raisin must go through the process of exposure. Due to this, raisin contains valuable
compositions that are not found in grapes and one of them is polyphenol.
Intake of 84g of raisins per day can effectively shorten the residence time of feces in intestines and this eliminates constipation! Tartaric acid found in raisin is the unique material of grape, it enters intestines after digested in stomach acid. It can absorb and excrete harmful substances that cause constipation and cancer out of body.
Also, together with dietary fiber of raisin, it has and effect of stabilizing digestive system.

Whole Grain
Whole grain includes bran, seed coat, aleurone layer (high lipid part), and also important parts of germ and endosperm. Germ is rich in vitamin B group and vitamin E which can promote energy metabolism, enchance immune system, break down, toxins, produce good cholesterol and therefore can activate liver cells as well as prevent heart disease. Vitamin E prevents the formation of peroxide in body and eliminates free radicals.
Whole grain contains nutrients with great nutritional value such as dietary fiber, antioxidant vitamins and phytochemicals. Besides benefiting heart health, blood flow and gastrointestinal movement, it can also reduce the incidence of cancer and may slow down digestion rate as well as play the role of stabilizing blood sugar level after meal.

Black Rice
Black rice is commonly known as purple rice and because it is rich in dietary fiber and vitamins, it has long been regarded as health food and therefore the price is twice more expensive than ordinary rice.

Nutritional analysis:-
Rich in minerals such as vitamins, calcium, phosphonium, magnesium as well as natural melanin. It also contains four kinds of essential amino acids, including protein content which is 35% higher than white rice and amino acid which is 25% higher than white rice. It is indeed a rare natural health grain, can be used as "healthy rice” for longevity of the elderly, "confined rice” for postnatal women, "bone-setting rice” for fracture patients and "hematinice rice” for anemia patients.

Among all staples, corn has the highest nutritional value and health effect. Out of currently approved 50 kinds of most effective nutrition and health care substances, corn contains 7 kinds - calcium, glutathione, vitamins, magnesium, selenium, vitamin E and fatty acids. The high content of calcium has the effect of lowering blood pressure. If 1 g of calcium is taken daily, blood pressure may be decreased by 9% after 6 weeks. In addition, corn contains carotene that can be converted to vitamin A after absorbed by human body and it has an anti-cancer effect; plant cellulose can accelerate discharge of carcinogens and other toxins; natural vitamin E can promote cell division, delay aging, lower serum cholesterol and prevent skin lesions as well as reduce atherosclerosis and brain function decline. Corn also contains lutein and zeaxanthin which can prevent the occurrence of age-related macular degeneration.

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